Rixan  Upgrade Services provides software and hardware upgrades to your existing system.  We are fully staffed with PLC and robot programmers to upgrade your current program to support your needs.  

We specialize in programming for the following robot manufacturers:


is your robot at the end of life?

Rixan can replace your end-of-life robot with a new robot that will give you years of trouble-free operation.  We will upgrade and convert your existing program, conectivity and end-of-arm tooling to seamlessly replace your existing robot.

Do you need to add additional functionality to your existing robot?

Rixan can add functionality to your system to perform additional tasks or support different products.  We can update your existing programming to support your changing requirements.


Do you want to repurpose your robot?

Rixan can design, install, and program your robotic cell to handle changes in your production enviroment.  We specialize in repurposing your robot to improve your effieciency.