Denso Robotics

DENSO, a pioneer and industry leader in robot development since the 1960s, is the world’s largest manufacturer of small assembly robots, with an installed base of 100,000 units. Unlike most other robot manufacturers, however, DENSO’s primary business is not manufacturing robots, but automotive parts. In fact, DENSO is a leading global supplier of advanced automotive technology, systems and components, employing more than 20,000 of its own robots in its manufacturing facilities. And that’s exactly why DENSO robots are built the way they are. Because in order to succeed in the fiercely competitive automotive sector, DENSO requires its robots to deliver not only the highest levels of productivity, but also the lowest cost of ownership.

Fanuc America

FANUC America provides industry-leading robotics, CNCs, and ROBOMACHINE solutions. With over 24 million products installed worldwide, FANUC is the most familiar brand of manufacturing automation.

Kawasaki Robotics

With more than 210,000 robots shipped worldwide, Kawasaki is a leading supplier of industrial robots and robotic automation systems with a broad product portfolio, able to service a wide range of applications across diverse industries.

Mitsubishi Electric

From simple pick-and place-applications, to complex assembly tasks, Mitsubishi Electric industrial robots are equipped with class-leading speed and precision. Coupled with intelligent options like 3D vision, force sensing, seamless PLC integration, and the ability to operate in “collaborative applications”, Mitsubishi Electric has the robots required for today’s demanding manufacturing applications.

Staubli Robots

Stäubli Robotics is a leading international player in industrial automation, providing engineering and technical support recognized for their efficiency and reliability.

From SCARA6 axis robots and cobots to mobile robot systems, our powerful, high-precision solutions allow us to work with clients in many industries to help them tackle the challenges of Industry 4.0.


Our product line includes more than 150 distinct industrial arm, delta and SCARA robot models, plus a full-line of pre-engineered “World” solutions that are complete application-specific robotic systems that include robot, process and safety equipment.


The world’s leading provider of vision systems, software, sensors, and industrial barcode readers used in manufacturing automation.  Rixan Automation is a certified Partner Services Integrator.


Rockwell Automation is the largest company in the world that is dedicated to industrial automation and information.